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  • Find your own Tri bike setup like a pro

    KGS Bikes Custom Bicycles -
    World's premiere custom bicycle design studio - We design the bike around you, not fit you to a bike

    I constantly am asked if I can help folks remotely with their bicycle setup. With a few tools and a little creativity and attention to detail, you can document your bike position accurately to help you in choosing a new bike or in returning the bike to the correct setup if it is disassembled.....
    Read more : http://blog.kgsbikes.com/find-your-own-tri-bik...

  • UCI Road World Championships 2011

  • Full Gas: Riding a Time Trial with Fabian Cancellara

    This is just the first 4 minutes of Full Gas, the definitive film on how to ride a time trial with Olympic Champion, Fabian Cancellara. Filmed during the Tour Of California, Full Gas gives an insight into the mind and philosophy of the best time trialist on the planet.


  • Outstanding S-Works results

    Αν δεν παινέψω το ποδήλατό μου ποιό θα παινέψω; Να λοιπόν οι περγαμηνές του S-Works SL2 Roubaix:

    Outstanding S-Works results include:

    Tom Boonen racing the S-Works Roubaix SL2 over the treacherous cobbled roads in North France to win the Paris-Roubaix
    Christoph Sauser piloting his 2009 S-Works Epic to the MTB World Championship
    Chris "Macca" McCormack winning Ironman Hawaii on his S-Works Transition Bernhard Kohl finishing third overall and claimed the King of the Mountains polka-dot jersey in the 2008 Tour De France on his S-Works Tarmac SL2
    Rebacca Rusch taking the 24 Hour Solo World Championships on her 2009 S-Works Era.

    To Roubaix S-Works SL2 είναι απολύτως δημιούργημα του Tom Boonen. Το δημιούργησε σε συνεργασία με τους μηχανικούς της Specialized, και αποτελεί ορόσημο στην ιστορία της. Ο Fabian Cancellara το βρήκε έτοιμο και γένισε με νίκες το παλμαρέ του.

    Η πιο περίλαμπρη με το SL2 νίκη του Tom-Tornado Boonen έγινε στο Paris-Roubaix του 2008 όπου τερματίζει στο Velodrome αφήνoντας πίσω του τον Φαμπιάν Κανσελλάρα και τον Αλεσάντρο Μπαλάν (μετέπειτα παγκόσμιο πρωταθλητή)


    from : www.specializedconceptstore.co.uk

    Specialized Vision

    At Specialized, we are driven by one vision it is as simple as it is bold. Be the best cycling brand in the world.

    To be the best means surpassing all other in how we meet the needs and demands of the rider. This does not mean being the biggest. If we concentrate on being the best, success will follow.

    Being the best applies to everything that bears the Specialized name: bikes, equipment, services and our people.

    This is not a destination but a constant and exhaustive journey.
    Quality & Value

    We strive to offer the best value and performance for all of our bikes and equipment. This is not exclusive to high end products. You will find great products at every price point and variation. Yes, we invest in ground breaking new products, but we use this to develop other products throughout the range.
    Service & Support

    We pride ourselves on having one of the best Customer Service teams in the industry. If you are unfortunate enough to have a problem with one of our products we will sort out the issues as quickly as possible. Our dedicated teams are experienced and qualified to fix whatever problem you are having.
    People & Passions

    We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and drive from our staff. Having the right people performing the right tasks can make a huge difference to the bikes, equipment and services we offer.
    Bikes by Riders for Riders

    From the owner and founder Mike Sinyard to the newest of employees we love cycling and have a passion to get out there and ride. Yes, this helps us to stay fit and healthy, but far more importantly it helps us to constantly evolve, develop and break new ground with bikes and equipment.
    Design & Development

    At Specialized we do not produce a range of bikes and then sit back, we have a large team of designers, developers, engineers and product testers who are always looking at ways of improving the entire range.

    Throughout the company we have a passion for riding and a ceaseless drive to innovate. It’s what makes Specialized and it’s what will make your next ride better.
    Materials & Construction

    The design and development team have the knowledge and experience to choose the appropriate materials and construction methods to suit the large Specialized range. We have learnt so much over the years, but we do not rest, we are striving for even better performance from the products we offer.
    Designing the Complete Bike

    At Specialized we attack the whole bike, from chassis to fork to the component choice, and tune everything to work together for one purpose. It’s through this holistic approach that we craft the best possible bikes for specific types of riding.
    Correct Sizing

    Your position on the bike can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are when riding. We probably understand this far more than any other manufacture. Not just because we have been making bicycles for years, but because we involve Sports Scientists, doctors, athletes and listen to you the public.
    Events & Consumer Feedback

    Staying in touch with all types of riders has always been a high priority for us. Hearing feedback directly from you the customer helps us understand your needs. The various events we attend and organise provide the perfect platform so we can hear from you. These events also give you the perfect opportunity to ask us questions and at many events try out the bikes over the terrain they were designed for.
    Lifetime Warranty

    We pride ourselves on having one of the best development teams and have no problem offering you a limited lifetime warranty on all new Specialized frames. This is testament to how confident we are in our frames; we know that a Specialized will give you years and years of enjoyment and reliability. This is subject to terms and conditions.
    Suspension Warranty

    On any Specialized manufactured suspension shock or fork we offer a 5 year warranty, non Specialized shocks or forks are covered by a 2 warranty. Again this is testament to the build quality of every part of a Specialized bicycle.
    Helmet Warranty

    A helmet provides protection for one of the more vulnerable and more important parts of your body, your head. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident after purchasing a Specialized helmet, we offer a replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new model. We would rather see you protected than wearing a damaged and less effective helmet.

    Specialized has one of the richest histories within the cycle industry. With over 36 years of experience from the production of the very first mountain bike, the Stumpjumper, to the development of the ultimate sportive road bike, the Roubaix.

    In 1974 the founder and owner Mike Sinyard started Specialized with three things – a passion for riding, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a close partnership with independent bicycle dealers. These three elements have been the cornerstones of anything that we've ever done at Specialized. It was no mistake that Mike started Specialized. He was a young hardcore bike junkie and fresh out of San Jose State University, he followed his bliss on a bicycle tour across Europe. To fund his trip Mike sold his VW Van, his only possession of value other than his bike.

  • Giro d' Italia 2011

  • Το ακριβώτερο λουκούμι...

    Η σαββατιάτικη βόλτα μαζί με το Μάρκο (ο πρεσβύτερος της KST-Κozani Specialized Team) είχε προορισμό την Παναγία Σουμελά.
    Υπέροχος καιρός, υπέροχη παρέα...

    ο Μάρκος

    κι εγώ.

    η άποψη φεύγοντας λίγο πριν αρχίσουν οι ανηφόρες της επιστροφής.

    Το ακριβώτερο λουκούμι του κόσμου λοιπόν μας τιμολογήθηκε ως εξής: Ο Μάρκος ανακάλυψε με μεγάλη του χαρά πως υπήρχαν 50 λεπτά στην τσέπη του ζέρσευ και αντί να τα ανάψει κερί, ορθά σκεπτόμενος πως η Παναγία θα προτιμούσε να βάλει κάτι στο στόμα του και να επιστρέψει ευκολώτερα τις ανηφόρες της επιστροφής,(σαν μητέρα όλων σίγουρα αυτό θάθελε), πήγε λοιπόν σε ένα πάγκο πωλητή ζαχαρωτών και επιστρέφει με ένα (μόνο ένα παρακαλώ) λουκούμι στο χέρι το οποίο και έκοψε στα δύο δίνοντάς μου το ένα κομματάκι!!
    Ναι ναι, ένα λουκούμι 20 γρμ, 50 ολόκληρα λεπτά! Δηλαδή περίπου 26 ευρώ το κιλό !!! Οι αθεόφοβοι σαράφηδες του αύλιου χώρου μου θύμισαν την εισβολή του Χριστού στο ναό όπου οι αργυραμοιβοί συναλλάσονταν με μόνο σκοπό το κέρδος. Ποιά η διαφορά; Μόλις πενήντα μέτρα...

    και οι μαργαρίτες της επιστροφής.
    Σύνολο χιλιομέτρων 89.50. Όχι και πολλά,αλλά αρκετά μαζί με τις ανηφόρες για μια χορταστική σε χιλιόμετρα και στροφάρισμα έξοδο.

  • Kozani Specialized Team, KST

    O Mάρκος Π, ο Δημήτρης Μ.και ο Ηλίας Τ. κατά ηλικιακή σειρά.
    Η βόλτα της περασμένης Πέμπτης ξεκίνησε από Κοζάνη. Πετρανά, και πριν το Βαθύλακκο έξοδο δεξιά για Σταυρωτή, Αμυγδαλιά κλπ μέχρι Καισαρειά. Ανηφόρα για Αιανή και μέσω Λευκοπηγής στην Κοζάνη. Σύνολο χιλιομέτρων 54.78.

  • Ο Μάριο παρακολουθεί ...ή η άλλη π

    Ο υπέροχος Μάριο εποπτεύει την άψογη παραγωγή των προιόντων του, τα οποία ράβονται στην Ιταλία παρκαλώ.

  • The Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” comes into being

    The first race in 2011 together with Lucca Bike

    The Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” has been introduced in Forte dei Marmi to the leading specialist press, on the occasion of the arrival of the “Giro d’Italia”, with remarkable guests as the president of Rai Paolo Garimberti, the assistant director Gianfranco Comanducci, the president of Federazione ciclistica italiana Renato di Rocco, Paolo Barilla (Barilla Spa), Valentino Campagnolo (Campagnolo Srl), Enza Doimo (Frezza Inc.), Zecchetto (Giordana), Ezio Isacchini e Guido Peracchi (Comar Italia), Marco Mauri (Monwatch). The race will take place along those roads where Mario Cipollini has always been training and the cycling champion himself, together with the mayor of Lucca, Mauro Favilla, and the President and the Director of Lucca Fiere and Congressi, Domenico Petrocelli and Alessandro Dianda, has described the race course he choosed for this particular competition in his native land, which will take place in conjunction with a fair totally devoted to the two wheels.

    Lucca Fiere & Congressi, Comune di Lucca and the Italian cycling champion Mario Cipollini share a purpose and join their forces to organize in spring 2011 a “three-day race” totally devoted to the two-wheeled world, with sport activities, such as an international bicycle race personally wanted in his home town by the champion born in Lucca. The first Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” will start with Lucca Bike 2011, the showroom dedicated to the two wheels, in one of the most charming Tuscan artistic cities and the one standing as a candidate for hosting the world championship in 2013.

    Lucca boasts 44 km of cycle paths and a network of hundreds of kilometers of white roads leading to the green hills in the surroundings. It also has one of the largest town centres in Europe reserved for pedestrians and, consequently, for bicycles.

    The city is one of the Italian capitals of bike, both for the number of people who use it daily as a means of transport and for the amount of members enrolled in the league both as competitors and amateurs.
    The home town of Mario Cipollini, one of the most important cycling champions ever, couldn’t keep away from organizing an event where the bike acts as a chief character.

    Mario Cipollini, who is still holding some undefeated records, has placed his experience at disposal to share with the Town of Lucca and Lucca Fiere and Congressi the aim of realizing an international event. So, the Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” sees the light together with Lucca Bike.

    The race course will wind down the whole province and it has been conceived and planned thinking firstly of the safety of the participants. The characteristic features of the tracing offer all the challenges that a cyclist would find in a competition and everyone can choose the kind of race to venture upon. Three are in fact the provided race courses, different for features and technical difficulties: one course race of Corto Fondo (53 km), another of Medio Fondo ( 115 km) and a third one of Gran Fondo (152 km). The final section of the race will wind round the fascinating city Walls, where, in the past times, professionals of large calibre as Bernard Hinault and Francesco Moser rushed in a time trial in a lap of the Tour of Italy . The Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” intends to be one of the great national and international cycling rendezvous, with participants from all over Europe. “I have personally planned the tracing” and chosen my favourite roads along all the land of Lucca” the champion has underlined.

    “This will be a very important event – has underlined the mayor Mauro Favilla – as it will witness the close link between the bike and Lucca, which, not at random, has been nominated the Italian capital of urban green. The exhibition will be hosted in the fair district of Lucca, a new structure in a strategic position as to the town centre. I wish to thank our champion Cipollini, since we have together believed in the realization of this event. I am convinced that all the artistic towns have nothing to gain but advantages from encouraging the use of bicycles”.

    “I am proud and honoured” – Mario Cipollini has said – “to have been called and involved by the municipal administration in the Lucca Bike plan. I have been frequently asked to give my name to a competition, but today they are also offering me the chance to let all the world know the splendour of this land: I never forget, in fact, that all my wins started on the roads of this province, rich in cycling routes suitable for everyone, which we are going to run through again thanks to the Gran Fondo”.
    On the occasion, Cipollini has also announced that this enterprise will pay a particular attention to children, so that they can learn how to love sport. This piece of news has attracted the attention of Paolo Garimberti, president of Rai: “Sport helps growth and Rai pays a special attention to children, as we have just been demonstrating with the event “Cartoon on the bike”.

    Lucca Bike, the exhibition devoted to bicycles, will take place in spring 2011in conjunction with the Gran Fondo “Mario Cipollini” and its exposition area will welcome both technical and accessorial innovations brought by operators of this line of business, but there will also be the opportunity to investigate and discuss the main themes in meetings open to the public, to look at and also to take part in sport activities of different levels. The exhibition will present numerous interesting areas apart from those linked to bike manufacture, such as “soft mobility”, namely the policies implemented by institutions for inciting citizens to walk and ride on one hand, and for improving the quality of air and lifestyle on the other. Lucca Bike 2011 will also pay attention to the educational point of view, thanks to a collaboration plan involving schools. Great attention will be devoted also to tourist cycling, a field which both in Italy and all over the world yearly gathers an ever-increasing number of amateurs.

    From : http://www.granfondomariocipollini.it

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